Eviation Alice

Designed and made in collaboration with a world-class ecosystem of partners, Alice is built of innovative components from 21 countries. The wing assembly was manufactured here at Admiralty International in eight months and delivered in time for the Paris Air Show 2019. It took a combined effort of more than 20 Admiralty engineers and technicians to achieve this amazing feat in the time provided.

The aircraft was manufactured using state-of-the-art technology in the manufacturing of composite aircraft structures by major aircraft suppliers. With the resources here at Admiralty, we were able to deliver a critical aircraft structure that spans 16 metres in length and achieve the manufacturing precision as required for complete assembly.

With Singapore being a regional aviation hub and the rising need for electric mobility vehicles, Admiralty International presents an opportunity for participating businesses to prototype and produce their products to the regional markets. This allows businesses a cost-effective approach to their business strategy.